Listen to samples of all the songs from 'Get Real':

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''This is the CD I have been waiting for – and not just because I know the songwriter quite well!


It is a CD in which each song is packed full of Bible truth, expressed in simple, jargon-free language that makes it accessible to people of all ages.


Each song is memorable and easy to sing along to but with so many layers to the music as well as to the meaning of the songs, you will want to listen to them and use them over and over again!


Most of the songs were written for holiday clubs in which I had the privilege of working with Nigel over the years and I know something of the effort that went into getting every word and every note just right.


The result is a collection of songs that will quickly get stuck in your head and will be sure to strengthen and encourage you in your faith each time you hear them, whatever stage you are at in your journey of discipleship.


All the best,  Paul



Paul Cameron

Primary Schools


Scripture Union

(Northern Ireland)

'Just Like Paddington Bear' was inspired by the Paddington Bear movie. I've made a video for the song using images from the movie - I hope you like it:

'Like a Telescope' song video uses images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope:

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